Public Address Systems

With products ranging from basic wireless radios to state-of-the-art, fiber optic communications. Media Multicom is pleased to provide end to end solutions to all communication needs. Media Multicom is a fully certified communications systems integrator, providing design, supply, installation and servicing of our products.

TOA Mixer Amplifier BG-2035 / mixer amplifier for background music and general announcement

Public Address is becoming a more and more needed system in business today. Whether your using an intercom system through your telephone system or you have a general P/A system, the need to make announcements and inter office communication is an essential part of business.

PA Systems for Schools

Media Multi-Com has a wide range of products suited to school PA and paging applications. Each system is designed specifically to suit the school but can include a wall mount or ceiling mount speaker per room and/or for outdoor areas plus a centralized multi-zone control unit allowing front office staff to address any or all areas.

We have systems to suit every budget from simple systems using a paging microphone to more flexible systems based on that latest in digital audio and network technology, including automated playback of pre-recorded messages or bells, plus control and monitoring via networked PC's. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Smart Boards

Media Multicom does all the wiring and prep for smart board installation.

For Organizations and Institutions

PA system speakers - a stock photo

Media Multicom Communications has provided this service to educational institutions and boards and has been involved in a lot of healthcare facility projects including hospitals, nursing homes and health care offices. Specifically, Media Multicom has extensive experience with PA systems, administrative intercoms, media retrieval and integrated media systems. Our main products lines available include Telecor, Phillips-Burle, TOA, Peavey, Mid Atlantic, Bose, Denon and many others. Media Multicom is the exclusive Telecor dealer for this geographical area.


At Media Multicom Communications we are proud to provide any consulting needs that you may require. Our dedication to quality service is second to none. We firmly believe that there is no individual question that cannot be answered.

Please feel free to contact us by calling 519 679-7370 or writing and we will be delighted to address any concerns that you may have.