Large Presentation Projection and Video

Business Products

Whether your presentation is for large audiences or a simple one-on-one; whether it's a PowerPoint presentation, financial review, engineering data evaluation, a teleconference, or a simple training film; whether it's in the executive boardroom, a conference room or the cafeteria, Media Multi-Com has the right flat screen or projector to satisfy your demands.

Large LCD Display

High-resolution, portable and supported by the professional staff of the world's most experienced projector company's, our projectors deliver IMPACT to your presentation.

You don't have to be a Fortune 500 Company to impress your audience.

Home Theater

Media Multi-Com has been selling and supporting large screen projectors for the home for three decades - we know what makes good pictures.

Large Projection Display

Whether you're an occasional movie-watcher, an avid sports fan, or the most discerning videophile, Media Multi-Com will fin the best flat screen or projector that's right for you. Our readily accessible staff can provide you with information and know-how about the new and upcoming technologies and associated products. Blue-Ray? 3D? Surround Sound Audio? We can help with your needs- let us help you make that big screen come alive.

Education and Training

Capture your audience and bring them into your presentation with a large screen video display. A great teaching, training and education tool, our projectors are an ideal way to promote learning and broadcast information. Our lightweight, portable and easily maintained projectors can be used anywhere in the School - classroom, auditorium, or cafeteria. Their ability to provide high quality, bright computer and video images make them a learning tool for the new millennium. Our projectors are the perfect education tool, often provided to schools by PTOs to promote computer literacy, allow learning via the internet and to involve students in materials being presented. They are lightweight, easily carried from room to room or may be affixed to an A/V cart. Plug-and-play, very user-friendly to teachers and students alike.

And for advanced education environments in high schools and colleges, in classrooms, lecture halls and small auditoriums, or for larger auditorium or small theater applications where large screen sizes and bright pictures are required, Media Multi-Com has projectors with high brightness and high resolution for sharp, clear pictures for use in situations where students are taking notes or in similar scenarios.


At Media Multicom Communications we are proud to provide any consulting needs that you may require. Our dedication to quality service is second to none. We firmly believe that there is no individual question that cannot be answered.

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