Healthcare / Institutional Communications

Media Multicom Communications has been involved in many Healthcare Facility projects, including hospitals, nursing homes and healthcare offices. Systems designed and installed by Media Multicom consist of various components such as Nurse Call, Intercoms, Paging, Infant Tracking Tags, Patient Tracking Tags, Security, Bed Monitor, Patient Wandering, Staff Tracking/Locating, Asset Tracking, Wireless Paging/Telephones, CCTV (security) and Data Communications.

Nurse call system's behind-the-scenes rackmount components.

By combining products produced by Maxivox, Executone, Instantel, EXI, AMP, Telecor, AA and Precision Tracking, Media Multicom is able to meet all client requirements. With such a wide range of products available and experience, Media Multicom is able to service almost any system and will provide quotations for repairs or replacement as required.


Wireless Tracking of Patients and Assets

Prevent theft and loss of your valuable equipment and track whereabouts of your patients. Most facilities can protect valuable assets easily with a wireless system. A very small transmitter can be attached to expensive equipment in an unobtrusive position and can track that item's whereabouts.

Hugs newborn tracking tag, a detail

These systems can also be configured and some are specifically designed for patient tracking, staff tracking and abduction prevention.

Nurse Call Systems

Hospital bed with nurse / patient communication system we installed.

Nurse call systems can now go wireless. Patients out of bed can now access immediate assistance from their transmitter, mounted on a wheelchair, as an example. A wireless system can be employed anywhere in the facility. Patients will never be out of contact with assistance. Allowing freedom of movement for the patient can only improve the patient's morale.

GE Healthcare hospital nurse-call system we installed, VOIP staff console.

Security – Design and Installation

At Media Multicom Communications Inc. we pride ourselves on being able to design and install state of the art security systems. These systems include fire and theft, CCTV, Digital recording devices, Access Control, Asset Tracking and Protection.

We represent a large number of manufactures that are specialists in the design and implementation of all security products.


At Media Multicom Communications we are proud to provide any consulting needs that you may require. Our dedication to quality service is second to none. We firmly believe that there is no individual question that cannot be answered.

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