List of Consumables

The following is a list of some of the consumables we provide, with descriptions and images where available.

Pillow Speakers

Gen IV Direct Access & Digital

Easy to use with a wide variety of nurse call systems and the latest styles of television, these pillow speakers are like using your remote control from home, easy to use buttons and clear sound.

Gen III Analog

Comes with basic nurse call and television capabilities. Works with old analog televisions or small number of channels.

Nurse call system's behind-the-scenes rackmount components.

Call Cords & Specialty Call Cords

Call cords come in classic and economy styles in lengths of 8ft, 10ft, and 12ft. They are all sealed to help with cross-contamination and fit naturally in the hand of the patient. Also available: specialty call cords, Breath call, EZ call, Mechanical, Pad press. Specialty call cords come in different lengths email for more information.

Nurse call system's behind-the-scenes rackmount components.


Wireless Advanced LCD Monitor

Wireless Advanced LCD Monitor has dedicated buttons for volume, delay and tone controls. The screen shows what the alarm is and status on the devices that are hooked up to it. The delay control is there to help prevent false alarms,30 second delay to allow movement of patient by worker. You can hook up specialty call cords and standard call cords. You can use both wired and corded sensors with this monitor.

Wireless Nurse Call Monitor

Pad, Alarm/low battery led indicator. This unit has an AC adaptor to help keep the cost of batteries down. Various mounting options are available. It can be used wireless pads and floor mats. Also available are replacement parts and accessories.

Wireless Advanced LCD Monitor and Wireless Nurse Call Monitor

Hugs Infant Protection

This system helps with keeping track of infants, matching mothers with babies, and abduction prevention. An alert will occur when the baby is placed with wrong mother or is removed from Obstetrics unit without authorization.

Hugs newborn tracking tag, a detail

Elpas Wander Protection

This systems helps protect the patient/resident by keeping them in a protected area. The system will lock doors and notify staff that a resident/patient is close or has left the protected area.

Hugs newborn tracking tag, a detail

We also carry the replacement parts, straps, batteries, storage rack and removal key.


Inter-Connect Breakaway Cables / Bed to Nurse Call Breakaway Cables

Inter-Connect Breakaway Cables

With the breakaway cables you will have a standard connection in every room. With the standard connection that means no more misplaced cables. Standard 32 pin style, wall mount come in straight line or 90” angle.

Bed to Nurse Call Breakaway Cables

Be assured that you’re getting maximum functionality out for your bed and nurse call system. These cables are available for most beds and for most nurse call systems.

Also available different styles of wall plates/brackets.

Bed Controls

Bed Controls

All Bed controls are easy to use and hold, durable and UL recognized. You can choose from 2 to 4 or 6 function controls. Colour full overlay for easy to read buttons. Audible click for feedback. Easy to clean with their sealed cases. Comes in various plug styles to fit all beds

Chair Sensor Pads

Chair Sensor Pads

The chair sensor pad comes in one size and three different styles: corded, wireless timed, and cordless timed. White pads are suitable for hospital patients (30 to 45 day). Blue pads are suitable for longer staying patients.

Bed Sensor Pads

The bed pads come in three different sizes and different styles. Two different usable periods: 45 days or one year. The new wireless design prevents tripping hazards and cord damage.

Bed Sensor Pad (Blue)

Floor Mats

Floor mats provide extra protection in case the patient falls while trying to stand up getting out of a chair or bed. These mats can be placed by chairs, beds and doorways Folds up for easy storage and to carry. This mat does not connect to the nurse call

Floor Mat (Blue)


These belts will help keep the patient from sliding down out of chair. Alarm will go off when unfastened. The belts are available in buckle and Velcro styles.

Buckle and Velcro style patient chair belts.

Toilet Sensors

The toilet sensor allows the staff to mind the patient while using the washroom, while allowing the patient a sense of privacy.

Toilet sensor.

Wheelchair Stopper Devices

This device is to help the resident/patient to get out of the chair safely without the chair moving backward, easy to install on many different types of wheelchair and adjustable.

This device is to help the resident/patient to get out of the chair safely without the chair moving backward.

Motion Sensors

Motion sensor has the wide detection area. Alarm mode, which is good for monitoring a patient getting out of bed or leaving a room. There is a chime mode to let you know when someone is entering in the monitored area.

Motion sensor with wide detection area.

Mounting bracket sold separately.

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