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With products ranging from basic wireless radios to state-of-the-art, fiber optic communications. Media Multicom is pleased to provide end to end solutions to all communication needs. Media Multicom is a fully certified communications systems integrator, providing design, supply, installation and servicing of our products.

Audio Visual Products

Conference Room Audio/Video, a stock photo of conference room communications system microphones and LCD displays across conference seating

Traditional audio/visual supply companies typically offer a small selection of the current products available. At Media Multicom, we offer a wide range of products for the audio-visual professional. We feel that as technology is advancing so rapidly, more products have become available offering solutions to our clients needs and problems. Please browse the A/V links to the right and familiarize yourself with our product lines and areas of specialty.


Audio Mixer Console - a stock photo

We can help you determine the best mixing console to meet your current and future requirements.

Choosing a mixing console can be one of the most difficult decision you will have to make when setting up a professional sound system. There are many different products to choose from and many details that any professional will have to consider. Our product line includes manufactures of the finest mixing consoles and professional sound system products.


Choosing and placing the right speakers within your sound system can determine whether you are creating or destroying the sound you wish to create. With the professional staff at Media Multicom we can design a layout that will maximize the performance of your speaker system.


Before anyone can put themselves in front of an audience they will want to make sure that their voice will be heard clearly. The quality of the microphone that any professional would choose directly influences the overall quality of the sound mix. The microphone can be considered the front line of the audio system, choosing incorrectly could clearly distort the message that you are trying to get across.

We are proud to offer products from the following manufactures:


The amplifier is the engine of any sound system. Choosing the right amplifier for the task is critical. We carry a large selection of the best amplifiers available.

Some of the manufactures that we are proud to carry are:

Professional Tools

In the professional world of audio/video there are a number products that help to work out feedback and increase convenience. There are a number of listening assistive devices, wireless communications system, boardroom control products, switches and monitoring products. These systems allow the control of any A/V product direct or remote, with quality and performance in mind.

Our product line includes manufacturers of the finest audio visual tools in the professional market:


The transmission of low voltage signals can now be accomplished without the expense of installing wire paths. Transmitters and receivers are available to modulate the signals at the GHz range, bypassing interference in the VHF, or UHF domain. Very simple and less expensive than the labour needed to pull wire to each site.

Wireless Two-Way Radios (by Motorola)

All facilities need reliable communications that are simple to use and cost effective. The Motorola Spirit radios provide up to two channels in a small, hand held radio with a rechargeable battery system. Found virtually everywhere, the Motorola product has proven itself on job sites throughout Canada. A license application is included with the packaging.

Wireless Microphones

We have assembled a large array of wireless microphones from the leading manufacturers. These are offered in both a diversity and non-diversity versions. In most facilities, a wireless system can provide convenience and a cost savings over a hard-wired system. All types; that being, Lavalier, hand-held and head-set type are available in wireless formats. A wireless microphone provides great mobility for a speaker, or singer.

All electric instruments can also benefit from wireless technology. A small transmitter can be mounted on the instrument and transmit the signal to the receiver. No tangle on stage! Wireless Hearing Assistive Systems.

The public can now sit where they want in a building, without missing the performance. Even the softest sound will be transmitted to their belt-pack receiver. Hearing assist systems allow the hearing impaired to share the moment. These systems can operate on radio frequencies, or via infrared panels, depending on the system. The transmitter can be placed with your sound system's electronics and can mount in a standard rack. These systems are usually supplied with four receivers and any number of receivers can be employed in your facility.

Wireless Audio/Video Transmission Systems

The cost of wiring a structure to transmit audio/video signals can be substantial. We now have the technology to turn these signals into a radio signal in the GHz range and transmit them over several kilometers flawlessly. Imagine the savings in both time and money. Easy set-up and very cost effective.


At Media Multicom Communications we are proud to provide any consulting needs that you may require. Our dedication to quality service is second to none. We firmly believe that there is no individual question that cannot be answered.

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