Communications Cabling

In the world of communications cabling, the rate of development is almost equal to the rate of the communication itself. We at Media Multicom are firm believers of keeping in pace with that rate.

Communications Cabling

Media Multicom is an AMP NDI certified designer/installer, with ALCATEL partner certification. As a leading installer of network cabling systems, Media has provided products from most brands including AMP, Nordex, Hubbel, Panduit and Orthonics. Installations include both copper enhanced category 5 ( and beyond), to fiber optic solutions.

Certifications and test reports, generated using a Microtest Omni Scanner testing device, are provided upon request. Media Multicom has been involved in various sized systems, from a few computer outlets in a small office, to multiple router systems using fiber optic interconnections and backbone.


The transmission of low voltage signals can now be accomplished without the expense of installing wire paths. Transmitters and receivers are available to modulate the signals at the GHz range, bypassing interference in the VHF, or UHF domain. Very simple and less expensive than the labour needed to pull wire to each site.


At Media Multicom Communications we are proud to provide any consulting needs that you may require. Our dedication to quality service is second to none. We firmly believe that there is no individual question that cannot be answered.

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